Online Reputation Management

Does your reputation help you earn revenue?

Without an unimpeachable online reputation, it is incredibly difficult to thrive or even survive in a competitive market. If you have negative listings, reviews, or smear campaigns obscuring your legitimate search engine rankings, you need help, and fast.

Digital Marketing Agency delivers innovative and customized services and solutions designed to restore your brand’s good name – for the long term. Our campaigns are tailored to our client’s individual needs and severity of damage, so there isn’t a set timeline when one can expect results. However, our proprietary strategies can help you begin to suppress your negative listings quickly, allowing your positive, revenue-generating listings to shine.

Long Term Solutions

Online reputation protection is an intricate process. Negative listings can have varying degrees of authority which require time and dedication to suppress. Our campaigns are built strategically, to create an effective barrier around your brand, so that damaging or malicious content is never able to adhere to the top of the rankings.

Our Process

Did you know that less than 10% of Google searches advance to page 2? It is therefore crucial that your positive search results dominate the first page. No matter how valuable, informative, and positive the content is on the second page and beyond, it will be ignored by more than 90% of users.

Content Creation

We begin by designing high-value, fresh assets for your brand, which we integrate into authoritative platforms. By acting as an aggressive online PR manager for your brand, the content we consistently provide will gain authority, eventually pushing low-value, negative content off of the first pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other relevant – and powerful – search engine resources.

The next stage in our campaign will be to craft unique blogs and microsites for your brand. The consistent influx of positive, engaging, and useful content designed by our world-class creative team will dominate search engine rankings. Not only will the sites rank highly, the blog pages themselves will, too.

Link Building

When online influencers in your industry reference your brand by including links to your content in their blogs, you benefit. We are proud to have built strong relationships with a vast network of respected bloggers and online tastemakers within diverse industries. By incorporating your links into their content, your brand’s image will be successfully elevated, for the long term.

Consistent Management

Reputation repair is only the initial stage in restoring your brand’s good name – your online reputation must be monitored carefully and consistently. We scrutinize the progress of your reputation management campaign, always noting and addressing any negative listings that might creep back up the rankings. By reacting quickly and aggressively, we ensure continuing, sustainable success.

Do not wait to regain control of your brand’s online reputation – take action. Contact our team of consultants today!

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