PPC Management

Increase your visibility and drive traffic with advanced and creative PPC marketing strategies.

So, you’ve run Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, and haven’t had a satisfactory ROI. What went wrong?

Answer: You didn’t have expert consultation and dedicated management of your campaign.

There are numerous advantages to PPC marketing. You gain instant visibility across search engines; you can access targeted traffic; you can reap significant profits from existing interest in, or demand for, your product or service. However, paid search advertising doesn’t automatically guarantee success – you need a team of dedicated and experienced marketing professionals guiding and managing your progress.

Digital Marketing Agency provides PPC management strategies and services that are all custom-built to deliver maximum return. We cultivate a deep understanding of your industry, brand, and consumer habits, and design relevant solutions that enhance your brand value while optimizing conversion rates.

Our Process

Your brand has a distinct philosophy and personality – why use run-of-the-mill paid search marketing strategies? We work with you to determine the very best campaign for your individual needs. Our personalized project development and extensive analysis help you reach your target conversion goal, and manage your success for the life of the campaign.

Whether you are launching an entirely new PPC program or reconfiguring an existing one, the Digital Marketing Agency team can help you develop the appropriate – and profitable – strategy.

Paid Search Audit

How closely have you been monitoring your PPC management? We provide you with a comprehensive review of your existing campaign statistics, identifying and addressing issues that might have hindered ROI. Furthermore, we pinpoint any opportunities that might have been previously overlooked that could deliver significant overall benefits.

Keyword Analysis

When it comes to PPC marketing, keywords are key. By employing strategic keyword discovery, you can uncover profitable avenues that might have been previously unexplored, and get rid of under performing keywords. Our team of experts dive deep into keyword research, determining effective keywords and negative keywords that encourage high conversion rates.

Landing Page Optimization and Testing

Your choice of landing page can greatly affect the success of your PPC marketing campaign. An inappropriate landing page can discourage users from engaging, thereby severely hindering conversions. We optimize your landing page for PPC traffic, creating opportunities for users to engage with your brand effectively.

Reporting and Management

Effective PPC management requires consistent campaign metric analysis. Are your goals being reached? Has the paid search cost per conversion gone down? Is the landing page as user-focused as it could be? We continually track the progress of your paid search campaign, optimizing where necessary and helping you to meet and even exceed your goals. Digital Marketing Agency has a staff of experienced and passionate marketing professionals eager to help you achieve your business objectives. Take control of your PPC marketing, and contact us today!

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