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Take control of the social media conversation about your brand.

Social media marketing has become as important to brand identity as a logo or even a brand name. Without a strong social media presence, you’re depriving your business of vital consumer exposure and engagement. If your organization already has a customer base, it has likely already been mentioned online on a review site or Facebook post. You have to take command of that discussion, and make it work for your business.

Digital Marketing Agency offers innovative, measured social media marketing services and strategies that will engage your target audience and compel them to be active ambassadors for your brand. We increase the volume of visitors to your site, optimize conversion rates, and deliver excellent exposure. With a comprehensive audit of your brand’s online presence, a consultation where you delineate your short and long-term objectives, and a custom-designed campaign, we will help you make the most of every social media opportunity available to you.

Our Process

Building an effective social media presence involves more than just creating a Facebook page. Our entire campaign is designed to maximize valuable traffic, streamline the consumer engagement process, and make your brand accessible. This journey begins with comprehensive analyses of both your existing online presence, and your competition’s.

Social Media Auditing

Are you missing opportunities? Is your current social media presence helping you to meet your goals, or is it merely exhausting your resources without positively affecting your revenue?

We measure the efficacy of your presence on social media. Is your Pinterest account gaining traction, while your Tumblr page languishes? We help you to restructure and cull your solutions across social media platforms, so that you can take advantage of unique, niche channels as well as more conventional platforms.

Competition Assessment

It is important to recognize the social media marketing industry standard, as well as identify any successful efforts by your competition. We analyze any effective competing social media strategies, so that you can begin to loosen your competitors’ grasp on your market.

Social Media Page Optimization

Your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram pages have to invite participation in your brand experience. We start by helping you to construct your image and your brand voice, so that your posts speak the language of your target audience and facilitate positive communication, likes, shares, and re-tweets.

We work closely with you to craft your individual, compelling, keyword-optimized posts. It is critically important to deliver consistent, relevant, and strategic content – content that inspires your followers and causes them to involve themselves with your brand.

We generate traffic aggressively, positively, and in a sustainable way. Don’t let your social media opportunities slip away. Contact us for a consultation today!

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